About Cosire

Come be a part of creative journey

Cosire is a multi-disciplinary design studio. Instituted in 2011, we help clients succeed in new categories by infusing a rich design language and product embodiments into their brands that instantly connect with their target consumers and enrich the brand’s meaning and positioning in the market.

We will supply you with everything you need:

  • Exquisite product and service design
  • Amazing visualisations
  • Marketing collateral that works
  • Brand identity and graphics that differentiate
  • Packaging that improves sales at the point of purchase

From the first sketches to product launch, we will remain your design partners. As an end-to-end service provider, we will ensure that your product looks, feels and functions amazingly well – better than any other product in the market. We get passionately involved in projects, ventures and brands we believe in. We mould our designs to specific business and industry needs to communicate your brand’s unique attributes in various creative and compelling ways to your prospects.

We respect the worth of the resources (time, money and trust) you invest in us, and guarantee the highest returns on them. We provide a full suite of design consultancy that can be customized for short-term projects, studio brand management services or complex comprehensive brand identity and web design campaigns.