Meeting is important to know your requirements


This is an, us-meet-you session, where we sit you down and break some ice!

Gradually, the aim is to get to understand your DNA, your business strategy, your X,Y, Z plans, so that going forward, we can be on the same page with you!

Need identification is important for design directions


This takes the relationship, a bit deeper, where we identify your need, spell out your project plans, create milestones, set deadlines; agree on deliverable, and so on. It’s the ‘dream stage.’

Strategy is the most important part of design


This is the most crucial stage, where we put in place the rudiments of a plan that can transform your star product into an unforgettable brand. We call it the ‘Mission Possible’ stage.

ideate stage help exploring more design possibilities


Things begin to move very fast at this stage. There is an adrenaline rush and ideas begin to fly thick and fast from all quarters. We identify it as the ‘Conception’ stage.

detailing is important for execution of the design


This is the cherry-picking stage, where the best ideas are selected and fine-tuned to match your precise requirements. We call it the ‘Gestation’ Stage.

This is where your design comes alive in the market


After all the sweat and toil, this is the ‘Birth’ stage, that comes with all the delivery pangs, after which we finally hand you your baby – fresh from the stock, and just as you had dreamt it! Congratulations!!!