When present, it not just enhances the look, but also the performance of a product. It can significantly improve the delivery of a service. All this can create a ripple effect that transfers real value to a consumer and improves his experience of a brand.

Design is an essential attribute of a brand.

Most businesses commit their maximum resources over material, labor, operational, infrastructure etc. However all those things generally have no direct impact on a customer. A customer has nothing to do with it.

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It’s an investment into your brand-asset.

If you really want to create an impact, invest in design. Because it casts the longest shadow.

AtCOSIRE we have even coined a new currency for it?—?Return on Design (RoD).

During our research on the value of design in businesses, we found an interesting article and philosophy, published in 1989 by Munro & Associates called LEAN-DESIGN.

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Above image describe the common scenario of industries. Industries usually put all their efforts and money in material, labors and overheads but it has the least impact over customes / consumers. Where the least amount and efforts are invested towards design, which has the maximum impact over customers.

This philosophy was conceived and published in 1989, where rest of the world was not at all so aware of the new revolution called design. And today we have a success story based on the same philosophy called APPLE.

We at COSIRE, helps finding the best design solution for industries and brands. A powerful strategy is the backbone of every design we work on.

With the vision of accelerating businesses with our design intervention and help our clients compete with established national and international players. We strive to be an important part of creative economy.