If I commission a design project who owns the patent / design-registration / copyright?

Unlike some other agencies we do not take any possession on intellectual properties. We develop every design exclusively for client’s requirement, where design rights remain with client after completion of the project.

I’m impressed by your design portfolio how much do you charge for my design requirement?

Every design project is quoted differently as per the intensity of requirement. The cost of the project purely depends on the scope of work and deliverables. Design fees also vary based on the number of iterations and explorations.

Do you just help me for design or provide a complete solution for my requirement?

We offer a full turn key solution for a design problem. We usually get associated from planning to execution journey where we participate in every stage of development i.e. strategy, planning, design, engineering, execution and launch. This makes us one stop design consultancy.

Does design increase the cost of my product?

This is a myth. Product design adds a lot of value in your existing product. It also helps optimizing material, which ends up at reduction in the cost of the product. Careful product design can also help you to reduce your production costs, optimize the use of materials and minimize waste.