Sketching, The single most powerful language which everyone understands, everyone imagine and everybody relate. From Leonardo Da Vinci to modern age of digital design, sketching has been the most important language for any invention ever took place. In Design, sketching is the most common and important practice followed. During the design study, we were asked to sketch before going ahead over any concept. And, today we realize the value of sketching in design. Somebody said it so well…

“If you can’t sketch, You can’t create”


‘If you know how to sketch well, you have already become half Designer’

We at Cosire , sketch till the last drop of sweat. We ensure that “we haven’t missed out anything” before going ahead on any concept. Almost 60% of our efforts go into exploring all the possible ways. The concepts get filtered by mutual polling method to narrow down.

People say sketching is time consuming activity and why to waste time when we have to move on design software in later stage (detailing stage). Well, the beauty lies in the process. When you start sketching, you start understanding and appreciating the very small details. You also start realizing the value of every line you define. Be it product design, Branding or Interior design, sketching has an important role in design verticals.   Drawing is not about representation but about thinking. Trying to understand what you’re looking at … The brain sends a signal to the hand and the hand sends one back and there is an endless conversation between them.”—Milton Glaser

Why to Sketch?

Call your first concept version 1.0

Exploration lies in the fundamentals of every design. The best thing about sketching is that it allows you to explore quickly. Jumping directly on design software takes a lot of time to execute and take away the satisfaction of design process. Just sketch it out, It’s quick, put your first idea on paper. Sketching allows you to explore more in limited time, and it will stop you for going forward with underdeveloped concepts.

Sketching is all about exploration, not perfection

Perfection is always for the later part. In order to make things directly on software, we try and achieve perfection in very beginning stage which consumes a lot of time.

Get rough and dirty

Sketching is about quickly digging all the ideas out of your head, and putting them all on paper. It gives a lot of satisfaction, and you will be surprised where your imagination will take you!

It’s all about the concept, not detailing

At Cosire, we found that most of the time clients start focusing on smaller details like, color and not the concept as a whole. By presenting the exploration (sketches) and conveying the story behind the concepts, we get opportunity to express the concept better rather then allowing them to focus on detailing on very first stage.

Everyone can sketch

Sketching is not drawing, Its all about putting your mind out on paper. Many people can get uncomfortable when asked to sketch, but hey ! it’s just sketching it’s supposed to be rough and dirty remember? We all know how to draw simple shapes like; squares, rectangles, and circles. Those are enough to get out the simple concept on paper. Just start putting your ideas on paper and let it speak for you.

It’s FUN!

Eliminate the pressure of staring at a blank computer screen ! free your mind ! take a bunch of blank papers, and just smash it up. To come out of the fear, try sketching using pen (avoid eraser). It may be difficult in beginning. But you will surely enjoy it later.