icon flux, write solutions, pixldo, nid, sitech, oryden, indo german tool room, royale cheese, cad care centre, ndbi, 50mm, design clininc scheme are associate partners of COSIRE

Cosire has the management bandwidth and a strong network of domain experts (graphic designers, copywriters etc) as associate partners who can take on the load of big-ticket projects and deliver superior quality products, within budget, on-time and under the project guidance of the Cosire team. At Cosire, we don’t believe in one-man army. Ideas know no boundaries and can emerge from any nook and crevice – and we are actively on the lookout of such synergic partnerships in order to be able to render a good job to our clients. By successfully partnering with and complimenting the core competencies of our Associate Partners, who are masters in their own domains, we are able to provide a one-stop holistic service to our clients.