Second to noneThis is our legacy, to keep and flourish on

You will spot us at every creative event, idea exchange forum, where there is a lot of energy transfer happening. We don’t attend such events for recognition – which of course, matters – but to be awed and inspired by other creatives; study market trends and watch how competition interprets a client’s design brief. All this observation study and active participation prepares us for the future. We come back ideated and rejuvenated.Caught in the daily routine of designing and innovating, Cosire also believes in documenting intellectual properties for future use – for our own ventures and for technology transfer to relevant industries. There is such a fierce competition for ideas in the market, that if we don’t sit tight on our, someone smarter than us will whack it from under our nose – and we can’t let that happen. That’s why we watch over our property. IPs are a serious business and at Cosire, we are serious about all business opportunities.