A multidisciplinary team is our core strength.

We are a dedicated team of young, creative designers, thinkers, trouble-shooters, and technologists, armed with a variety of complementary skills and interests who share one thing in common – our passionate involvement with design!

We are dynamic, full of energy, committed, original and take a professional approach to every assignment that we undertake.

We are jack of all trades. We are owners of the creative process, not the end product. No project is the proprietorship of one, single person at Cosire. It’s always an outcome of team work.

It’s always a co-creation (Co+Sire).

CEO and Director at Cosire Design Innovation India

Ankit Vyas
Founder / CEO

His diverse fields of interest gave new dimensions to Cosire. Ankit is good at conceptualization and exploring multiple solutions. His engineering background helps him to execute ideas in a practical way.

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CDO and Director at Cosire Design Innovation India

Vrushank Vyas
Co-Founder / CDO

Vrushank is a Product Designer with engineering background. He is currently co-ordinating design projects. His role is to conceptualize by setting up new boundaries and bring them to reality by using the sensibility of technical background.

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Industrial Design Heat at Cosire Design Innovation India

Nilesh Parpalliwar
Industrial Design Head

Nilesh is a post-graduate in Industrial Designer with hard-core mechanical engineering background, He brings out experimental designs at functional level. His strong logical-reasoning gives realistic approach to Cosire.

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Space Design Heat at Cosire Design Innovation India

Hemal Lalani
Space Design Head

With her unique perspective towards looking at a space, she designs an out of the box experience through interiors. Hemal has two years of field experience which includes designing corporate/residential/retail spaces.

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Graphic Design Heat at Cosire Design Innovation India

Ketaki Gujar
Graphic Design Head

Ketaki is post graduate in Communication Designer, with unique eye for details and beautiful forms. Her product design background helps her in motivating and contributing to enrich the outputs as an out of the box visualizer.

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CEO at Cosire Inc at New York USA

Bhargav Patel
CEO (Cosire Inc.)

Bhargav is a motivated team player who consistently aims to expand the boundaries of design. With a focus on bottom line results, he has a track record of achieving and exceeding the standards of performance set out for any projects.

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CFO at Cosire Inc at New York USA

Kris Qiu
CFO (Cosire Inc.)

Highly accomplished, result driven senior financial management executive with more than 4 years of progressive experience in finance within start-ups and global multi-billion dollar organisations.

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